A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Asteroids-like arcade shooter, but with an interesting quirk.

My first Ludum Dare contribution, but also the first game I developed on my own. So please, don't be too harsh with me.

Minimum screen height of 1024 pixels required.

Will be ported to mobile platforms during the next weeks.

[Update Dec 10th]

A post-jam version can now be downloaded at my itch.io page, which allows you to freely set your resolution. However, the main menu layout might break if you choose a very small resolution.

Also, have some explanation: The grey asteroids stick to your ship, giving you either an extra health, an extra power up (= press left alt to shoot faster for some time), or nothing. Goal is to stay alive as long as possible, or to extend your ship the most craziest way, if you prefer that.

More power up types are planned in the future, as well as a change to the difficulty curve. That will probably come together with the mobile port.

Thanks for playing!


Install instructions

On Mac, you might have to Ctrl-Click it and select "open", in order to run it.


Sticktroid_OSX.zip 17 MB
Sticktroid_Win.zip 15 MB
Post-Jam.zip 32 MB

Development log